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Progress Pride Flag

Progress Pride Flag

Creator’s Version

Buy Now   $60

Optimal for outdoors and can withstand most weather. This version will live through the good and the bad times. Always remember to care for your flags!

Progress Pride Flag

Flags For Good Version

Buy Now   $21

This version is sold in partnership with fellow small business and friends Flags For Good. (Fulfillment of this item is done by Flags For Good, please email them for support)

quasar·digital started as the face for designer Daniel Quasar’s freelance design and art projects. In June 2018 during a night of insomnia-induced art-making, xe created the Progress Pride Flag, which followed in viral posts, a Kickstarter campaign, and lots and lots and LOTS of discussion. Now quasar·digital has expanded into an art business, centered around creating works that are distinct, powerful, and fun. It also spawned the Progress Initiative, a place to give back to the community. Every time a ‘Progress’ item is sold on this site, a portion of the proceeds go into a fund that gives donations towards LGBTQ organizations that help our community thrive.

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Customer Support Bad Ass

Meredith is a queer Oregon-native, karaoke-addict & board game geek — who gets stupidly excited about a clean email inbox and is happily tucked into a little corner of SE PDX.

Daniel Quasar


Owner & Overlord of Fun

A Portland-based designer/artist, musician, and avid gamer. If asked what xer favorite anything is, it often leads to a primary malfunction in xer core computational matrix.



Wholesale Provocateur

Logan is a Cali-born gamer, practical effects enthusiast, and avid sushi lover. They’ve spent nearly the last decade living all over Portland but currently nestled across the river in NW Vancouver.

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